Friday, May 29, 2009

in the gnar

everyone knows that everyone blogs.. i think its great.. for someone like me who has friends all over the place its nice to be able to check out theyre site and check out what they feel is interesting enough to post.. and i think its cool because sometimes i might see something on one of my friends sites that i would like to share with some of my other friends that dont necessarilly know the other person.. so i post it on mine because i know they look at mine..i guess a blog is no different than any other website.. they just make the internet fun because theres always new stuff to look friend nick has a website called IN THE GNAR..hes the same guy who does the holeshot bmx zine.. i like in the gnar because he posts about everything.. fortunately for me, the stuff he posts about is right up my alley. skateboarding and normal original bmx stuff. not the ratty stuff you see all the time.. the good stuff will come back around soon enough.. nick just emailed me the link to this you tube video he made a while back for HOLESHOT.strangely enough theres a clip of me riding street in it on a pocadotted bike. i like it because it shows bike riding as fun.. tables and tucks and good times with the pals!!

also check out
dirt diplomats... craig just posted a sweet video from vinyl

call a bookie

over the last few years i picked up the hobby of reading..i was never big on books and even still im kinda picky about what i read.. i just got done reading these 2 books.. most people have heard of them.. a million little pieces and the follow up book wich picks up where a million left off, my friend leonard..two really good books and its just funny how once you finish a really good book its motivation to want to start another one...i was kinda up in the air about what i was going to read next.. fortunately my old bud priscilla told me she would mail me a package down here to the castle with a few books in it to give me something to read.. im excited

other than books things have been pretty routine down here in florida.. take the dog to the park(wich by the way is amazing).. swim in the pool, read, watch movies, plan the trip a little ,sleep stay out of the rain..leaving here around the 11th to head north for gypsy trip...excitement!!!we got a bunch of trail heads going so hopefully we just shred jumps a whole bunch and keep off the stairs

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

christopher colombus

this was awesome

and this makes me smile :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


somtimes things change...

originally the trip was gonna start out going west right from florida.. i had it all thought out.. drive up and check out craigs trails in tallahassee. then go check out new orleans and head over to hang out with some friends in austin texas and ride some dubbs..etc.. etc..

things changed.. and we are siiiiiked about it!! we are going to drive straight north now to pennsylvanianiania for the official start of the gypsy trip.. steve crandall is the man and the gypsy trip is awesome..who knows where it goes? i dunno..but i do know that alot of my friends are going on it and i cant wait to hang out with everyone.. hooray for bicycles.. hooray for friends!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

gut ruckus

still in florida.. going to be here for a few more weeks.. i guess it gets pretty hot here in the summer when its not raining... unfortunately it hasnt stopped raining yet.last night was fun.we went and saw gut ruckus play at some kids grandmothers house... it got kinda crazy and rickey through someone through a wall.(who the heck would have that band play in theyre grandmothers living room) was alot of fun and all of casselberry was present so that was awesome. i finally got my camera out of mikes car..i dont really have any good pictures but i do have a sweet picture of wiggum

and a picture of crandalls g/f's license plate

i have this shit photo of the do this place no justice.. its amazing

this is josh harringtons living room..i giant pile of shoes.. a couple nora cups, and a big screen

this is dave mirras house.. not what i expected but i heard its gnarly inside

this is a picture of steves sweet setup in richmond.. sweet chill zone for sure

this was the dialed hip that was at the trails in greenville..its funny how one day your driving to florida and the next day your in rob dardens garage listening to him talk about haro sponsorships while he digs through a huge box of free shit in his garage.. you should have seen him roast this hip

i think arron knew what he was getting into when someone asked him if gut ruckus would play in this living room...he looks happy

kyle painter before he got so drunk debbie and colt had to drag him into the house from the car

this is joey and mike sleeping on josh harringtons living room floor.. endsearch

Thursday, May 21, 2009

wasted youth

so mike posted a bunch of pics from the trip to greenville and richmond on wasted youth.. i stole the pics from him because i know some people might not click the link..theres a bunch of mixed up pics of all of us hanging out..trips are fun

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

pug neck

for everyone who desent know.. i left connecticut on wednesday for a 2 month long road trip around the riding and seeing all the awsome sites..we headed out on wensday night and drove to myrtle beach. slept there and then i met up with my friends joey and mike in georgia and then we drove back north again to greenville north carolina to ride ryan nyquists skatepark...CRAZY...then we went up to richmond virginia and stayed with steve crandall and we rode some awesome trails with him and the virginia locals.. post steve did on the fbm site.. we headed back to florida on monday and i guess its been raning here for days and it doesent look like its gonna stop any time soon.. bummer..i guess we are going to be chilling here for a few weeks planning the trip out and getting everything ready to rock.. then its westward bound and then north to see the mom dukes.. im gonna be taking a bunch of pictures along the way and posting them up when i can get on a computer.. unfortunately i left my camera in mikes car so i have no pics to post right now but if you check out wasted youth mike cottle posted some pics up from our journey.. good times with good friends..the way life should be..:-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Florida in CT

The Florida girls have been at CTBMX all week, it has been amazingly fun. Heres a few picks of the CTBMX kitchen after the first half hour of their arrival and some serious facial hair that Ct just brings out in people. except me, damn.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

this makes me happy

i have been working in hartford and i drive by this billboard everyday and i like it.. i always honk my horn at it and it always makes me smile.. they should make more billboards like this one

Sunday, May 3, 2009

chad reed

chad reed sucks

Friday, May 1, 2009

matty branscombe

i was just messing around on the computer and started looking at matty banscombe's photo website BSCPHOTO and i came across these 2 awesome pictures of burger, ruby and sean riding the ramp in theyre back yard.. so awesome

slicer update

ok soooo for everyone who looked at the link i posted below and didnt click on it.. im gonna post a few of my favorite pictures of slicer... but i strongly recommend clicking that link and becoming friends with him

this guy is serious

glenn johnson

this seriously never gets old... this guys is crazy

bmx from Glenn Johnson on Vimeo.