Monday, June 29, 2009

sweet pics of debbie

heres a whole bunch of great pics i took of debbie tonight..guys if your interested in her beautiful mug her email is

canada status

today was sweet.. the weather is gorgeous and the mountain air is always a treat to breath in.. this morning i went to the skatepark nice and early.. the park here is wild..kinda hard to get used to but its a giant concrete park.. it wasnt that fun riding by myself.. but dan and chuck would have loved the place for sure... especially dan.. i took a few pictures of the place.. they have a full pipe the same size as louisville.. an amazing spine, and an awesome quick tranny quarter(wich was my favorite thing to ride).now i just need to find some sweet trails


im really siked that my entire family calls debbie "cheech" because of everything that happened at the border.. theres nothing sweeter than hearing my grandmother say "hey cheech come eat im sure you have the munchies"..its awesome..we did the site seeing thing today in sunny old canada.. it is absolutely gorgeous here..we drove up into the mountains and checked out a whole bunch of amazing things.. but of course non of the pictures do it any was alot of fun and its so nice to spend time with my family.. i havent seen my mom and her husband in about 4 years and it is sweet to see them.. i took a shit ton of pics but im only gonna post a few of them.. just the pretty scenery all the pictures on here.. if you click on them they will get bigger and probably be better to look at..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

squirrel eggs

along the way in south dakota deb and i stopped and fed some prarie dogs

after that we headed through wyoming to yellowstone national park.. the drive to the park was amazing..the skies were really nice to look at.

and i got bored in thecar and i played with some toys..

yellowstone was nice but it was raining..we saw a bunch of buffalo so that was sweet.. unfortunately old faithful didnt blow off when we were there.. the sites in wyoming were gorgeous though

.. after yellowstone we headed north through montana to the canadian border.we stayed the night there and woke up early to head through canada.we had a fun time at the border trying to get into canada when the drug sniffing dog found a bag of weed stems in debbies back pack.. i guess amelia stuck it in there as a joke.. that would have sucked if they didnt let us in though.. we headed north up to my moms house and got here at a decent hour.. my moms new house is gorgeous and they made a bunch of food and we played some board games.turns out it doesent get dark up here until like 12 at night and the sun comes back up at like 5 in the morning.. that was weird.. the sun going down up here was gorgeous though

the trip has been amazing so far.. the scenery is gorgeous dont realize how different everything is until you get out there and see it for yourself..ive seen so many amazing sunsets and beautiful skies since we left pennsylvania..just that alone has made it a great trip..nevermind everything else amazing that i have seen so far..especially today......

Almost forgot....

Dan and Chuck made it out to Mt. Rushmore to meet with us... It was sweet hangin with my two very best friends in the world again. I miss you guys alot, see you in Alaska.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

south dakota pretty farms

amazing times and amazing sites..
tuesday night we hit the town in pittsburgh for one last hoorah.. we went to karaoke and there was a few people that were ripping it up alot more than i thought they would.

and of course a few people who always shred the karaoke on the normal

wednesdaymorning we went to monroeville and dialed in the jumps and had a super fun sesh sesh..wolf brands owner mark mulville was killing it as per usual..but fun was had by everyone for sure. after that we headed out of pittsburgh on wednesday night and we dropped off will blount in chicago so he could go to dew tour.

and finally zebra and i are officially on our journey across the more hanging around the east coast!! its officially west of the mississippi for us for the next month..

First things first we headed through wisconsin and into south dakota.. south dakota was nice..lots of farm land and biiiig was a gorgeous day for sure.
we stopped at a rest stop and debbie locked the keys in the car.the grass was really nice so i took a pic of it

after the grass and the keys we went to mount rushmore.. i heard it was nice from my mom so we had to check it out for ourselves.. we got there right on time because it was still light out and it got dark and they had a big lighting ceremony.. we took pictures in the sun

and the moon

a bunch of other stuff happened but i dont have time to post everything... maybe ill post some more tonight about it if i get the chance..check back soon!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


pittsburgh weather has been awesome!! yesterday we rode ptt trails again and that was a blast..we were there and we found some baby birds with no mom and they were hungry so i chopped up a bunch of worms and fed them to the birds and bobby took a picture of it

.. we also went to the southpark bmx track and rode there too.. bobby posted some pics from the day on the welcome 2 pittsburgh website.. it was alot of fun.. today the savage south guys and myself went to ride at area 51 with blake,doyle,and bennet.. but the jumps were kinda beat from the rains they got a few days ago and we just ended up going to this skatepark in monroeville
.. that was fun but it was really hot.. now were just stting around the house planning on hopefully singing some sweet karaoke tonight..maybe tomorrow ride some trails and then maybe head out and start back on the big trip west to my moms in calgary canada.. debbie has been here in pittsburgh getting sloppy drunk while i have been on my little trip this past week...shes been having fun with all her friends..sweet. thats all for now.. hopefully the updates will be a little more regular since im not going to be sleeping in the woods as much... thanks everyone

fbm gypsy caravan

well the fbm trip is officially over.. what a good time that was.. we met at derek adams house and rode the jumps in his yard for the day.. that place was fun and a sweet time to start the trip off

after derek adams house we all jumped in the van and we headed to pitsburgh to meet up with mulville and bobby v, we picked up lou bickle and brought him with us too!! legend!!

we rode some awesome trails in pittsburgh for 2 days.. one place is called area 51 and the other place is called p.t.t. the pictures do either place any justice but this is kinda an idea of what they looked like

after that we headed north east to these trails called the beaury patch.. they were in lockhaven pennsylvania.. they were awesome but i dont have any pics from there because i was too busy having fun riding to take any pics.. after that we went hiking at this crazy place that had like 20 waterfalls.. i took a crap load of pics there but the place was so pretty in real life that i dont even wanna post the shitty pics i took.. heres just two of them.

then we headed north to ithaca new york.. we were gonna ride bakers acres but it rained out so we went to this skatepark called "east shore skatepark". a while back chuck,dan,the briggs', and myself went there on the way home from me turning pro.the place was all finished this time around and it was sooo much pics..too fun..then from there we headed west to long island new york and hung out with cubby
here is a pic of landon and cubbs
.. then we went to new york city.. rode the banks hung out with the dudes

we went to the video preiere of the fbm ducumentary..that was sweet.. and then i hitched a ride from new york city to pittsburgh pa in the back of the truck with the savage south dudes(about 6 hrs)..and here is where i am now..pittsburgh is awesome

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day 3,4,5,6 !!!

well i have been on the fbm gypsy caravan for 5 days now.. so it has been really hard to post up anything about whats been going down.. basically we have been riding jumps a bunch.. derek adams house the first day and then some trails in pittsburgh the 2nd and 3rd days. then this place in lockhaven on the 4th day and tonight we went hiking and at this crazy place and now we are sleeping at east shore skatepark in ithica new york.. tomorrow we arent doing much and then friday we are heading to nyc.. everyone should come out to new york to watch the fbm documentary video(chuck,briggs,dan,everyone.....). its gonna be awesome.. debbie has been in pittsburgh while im on this trip.. im sure shes just getting drunk a bunch having fun with all her friends she hasnt seen in a while.. i guess im gonna try and meet up with her like sunday or monday or something and then we are heading west and continuing on our journey.. i have a ton of pics but im on a random comp at a skatepark so i cant post them till like pittsburgh in a few days or soemthing.. this trip is so fun..thank you everyone...


Friday, June 12, 2009

day 2!!!

myrtle beach was amazing.. we stayed in a really nice house with debbies aunt and uncle and her cousins..

they were unelievably nice.. they cooked us an amazing dinner.. it was literally everything

they had a weird dog that could only turn right.. it weighed like 6 pounds

they had awesome guinnea pigs i held one and his name was truffles

thank you so much to the entire cestare family.. they were so nice to me and they let me borrow a book to read along the way.. im puuuuumped(the giver!!)

tomorrow we leave here early in the morning and we head north to philidelphia to derek adams house(orchid/little devil) for the cook out/start of the gypsy tour..from there debbie and i are going to head seperate ways for a while.. shes going to pittsburgh and im going all over the place for a week with circuit bmx for gypsy trip.. i probably wont be able to update this too often for a week because im going to be on the road alot camping in the woods with a bunch of dudes riding bikes.. thanks again to everyone for the hospitality.. this is really getting me siked!! so much going on its hard to post it fun fun